How to use a Crock Pot for an Easy, Scrumptious Meal


Some call them Crock Pots. Some call the Slow Cookers.  I call them the most wonderful invention ever!  If you want to feel domestic while still running off to your day job, this wonderful contraption lets you collect all kinds of points with your spouse or family!  In anywhere from 3 hours to 10 hours of being gone, the crock pot is forgiving and efficient at producing something hearty and edible.  What have you tried?  Any simple, favorite recipes you would like to share?  We want to hear from you!

The beauty of this recipe is that it really hasn’t any!  Whatever fresh meats and vegetables you have available can be used.  (The only veggies I am careful to consider before adding would be those like tomatoes, okra, asparagus, or any other fragile vegetable that has a bit of a slime factor. Everything else is fair game!)  And what herbs do you have available?  Are there a few out in pots you may have forgotten about? Is your yard full of Chives and Wild Garlic like mine?  Grab them and throw them in!

Now it’s your turn! Before we graduate to a Dutch Oven, let’s enjoy experimenting.  What’s your favorite story with a Crock Pot?

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