How to Prepare for an EMP

There is certainly a great deal more information we could cover regarding electromagnetic pulses and the use of a Faraday cage to protect your electronics, but this is just for those who have not been aware of the threat….or the solutions available. If you would like to learn more, check out the Wikipedia links below to get started:



I am including the links to several products from AMAZON below. I cannot highly recommend any of them that you don’t test for yourself. In my own experience, NONE of them are fool proof, but with some doubling up and careful placement, they seemed to do their job. I hope this info helps you.

Another video will be posted soon on how to make your own Faraday Cage. I like my homemade version better, but these are wonderful as a backup and for are great for traveling!

QUICK DISCLOSURE: If you happen to use any of the links to buy something on Amazon, they actually give a tiny bit back to Prepsteaders, so in a small way you are supporting our ministry. Thank you in advance!


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