How To Make Butter Last Forever

Try this once and you will be easily hooked!  Ghee has a nutty, buttery richness to it that you won’t taste in fresh butter.  If you haven’t tried it, the recipe is simple. One ingredient simple!  So if you can find a candy thermometer and a good sauce pan, give this a shot. Let us know how it goes and what you think.

This has quickly become one of my favorite things…and the fact that it is shelf stable is pretty wonderful.  In parts of Europe, folks used to make Bog Butter  by burying a big ole batch of fresh butter down in the bog to keep it for later.  I think Ghee is a much better option, but that’s a personal opinion I suppose.

So here is the general recipe:

Take 1 pound of your favorite Unsalted Butter and place it in a Saucepan over medium heat to melt.

Once melted, stir over medium heat until butter starts to foam and boil, about 8 minutes. Butter will develop a foam on the surface. Push the foam to the side to monitor the clarity of the liquid, without stirring all the way to the bottom. Allow butter to continue to boil on the low side of medium heat for as much as 8 more minutes. Monitor closely until a second foamy/bubble layer reforms on the surface, and the liquid below becomes clear and bright, and well, golden. (If left too long and butter turns brown, you will need to start over as it will be too late to save this batch.)

Remove pan from heat and cool for 1-2 minutes.
Pour butter through a cheesecloth lined, fine-mesh strainer to remove foam and particles into a glass container. Leave the lid off as it cools for about 30 minutes. Ghee will thicken and turn slightly translucent. Store in refrigerator for longest life, or on in the cupboard for always-soft, delicious Ghee.

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