How to Use an Oil Lamp

We could really get very complicated very quickly if we wanted to, but this is just the basic info you need to buy your first oil lamp and start using it.  I love mine and have one in each main room of the house.  Each lamp has it’s own set of matches next to it on the right side. So in the event of a power outage, I can quickly navigate to the nearest lamp and know where to reach to find the matches to light it!

If you are entirely new to prepping and need a place to start, this is it.  Get a good Bible and get a good oil lamp and your will be further than most people, on your way to being prepared for the days ahead!

This is just a basic oil lamp with a handle and flat base. You will need to know how to use it so practicing before the lights go out will be both fun and perhaps a smidgen romantic. Do it! Learn how to acclimate to the smell and cast shadows and heat it gives off. It is one simple way you can prepare.

With so many versions of oil lamps out there, I would love to hear about yours and even see a picture if you want to post one.  Most of mine have a special story behind them, how about yours?

QUICK DISCLOSURE: If you happen to use any of the links to buy something on Amazon, they actually give a tiny bit back to Prepsteaders, so in a small way you are supporting our ministry. Thank you in advance!


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