How to Store Dried Beans

One of the simplest ways you can start prepsteading is to begin right where you are, with what you have on hand.  We will talk specifically about simplifying your home as a first step in a different post. Part of simplifying is becoming strategic about how you use space and assets already available.  That is where we begin in this video.

Most folks have empty jars filling up cabinet shelves or pantries waiting  for that perfect blue moon when they might hurdle their first big canning endeavor.  I hope that day comes, but you can cross that bridge when you get there.  For now, let’s put those jars to good use and store those beans that have been growing stale in their plastic bags for the past year in that other cabinet! Tell me I am wrong!

This is just a baby step in starting to prepstead, but somehow it is very fulfilling and you will feel great doing what you can do, today, with what you have. Beans+Jars+silica pack…done! Your Grandma would be proud of you!

Tell us your favorite starting point. We’d love to hear!

QUICK DISCLOSURE: If you happen to use any of the links to buy something on Amazon, they actually give a tiny bit back to Prepsteaders, so in a small way you are supporting our ministry. Thank you in advance!


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