Foraging for Wild Plantain


You may not think of yourself as a forager, but if you would like a place to start, I invite you to just step out your front door! There are so many plants that grow wild in our front yards, and even from the cracks in the sidewalk, that have medicinal properties and edible qualities to them.

Today we look at the Wild Plantain. No, this is nothing like the cousin of the Banana that you may think of when you hear it’s title. This is a highly nutritious “weed” that is common in a couple of varieties throughout North America. Today we just discuss the English plantain, or Narrowleaf plantain (Plantago lanceolata) which has elongated lance-shaped leaves.

Every part is edible! Roots, stems, leaves, flowering head… Plantain is High in Iron and several other important Vitamins and Minerals. As a tea it can be used to open up your lungs and works as a mild expectorant. It’s antibacterial properties make it perfect for chewing or wadding up and placing over any kind of skin lesion, sting or bite out in the wild. Secure it with some cloth or twine until you can get to a medical facility.

KNOW YOUR PLANTS! Don’t take my word for any of this, but do the research and seek out experts who can show you in person the wonderful plants to forage for in your area! Let us know what you find in your area, or how you use and enjoy Wild Plantain!

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